Chet Staron, CEO of TopLine Energy Systems and President and principle owner of TopLine Automotive Engineering, Inc.; a 35-year old, multinational automotive and industrial parts manufacturing corporation and also one of its founders. Mr. Staron has more than 30 years experience in acquisitions, financing, management and development of enterprise level operations related to the transportation industry and OEM supply chain logistics. Mr. Staron serves on several Renewable Energy boards as well as non-profit organizations, is a US Marine Veteran with distinguished service in Viet Nam and a strong advocate for hiring the handicapped.

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Michael Wirthman General Manager TopLine Enterprises
Michael J. Wirthman, Vice President of Operations-TopLine Enterprises; has more than 30 years of commercial manufacturing and construction experience in all phases of design, materials, electrical and civil engineering as well as managing multi-million dollar operations and is responsible for all production, manufacturing, construction and operational excellence of the TopLine Group. He was personally responsible for the design and construction of the new 300,000 sq. ft. state-of-the-art, energy-efficient TopLine Energy facility in Brooksville, Florida and is involved in every aspect of PRISM™ projects as well as other manufacturing, tooling, diversified energy and transportation programs for the corporation.




Name, Title
Lawrence W. Bell, Marketing Director; has more than 25 years experience in technical sales, product development, distribution, marketing and advertising in the automotive parts and engine remanufacturing industry. He has held corporate marketing and management positions and initiated several successful national campaigns and distribution programs. He is on the Board of two Internet service provider companies and has director positions with non-profit conservation organizations. Lawrence has a BS/MBA in Marketing and Economics from Auburn University, is a recipient of the Eagle Scout Award, holds a Private Pilots License and is a Certified PADI Scuba diver.


David Popp, CTO / VP Manufacturing; BS/ME with technical expertise in machining, metallurgy, TQM/SPC and supply-chain management with over 20-years experience in project engineering for international gas turbine company as well as owner of exclusive automotive race engine machine company and is a leading expert in valve train technology and combustion theory; has responsibility for production, quality control and manufacturing of engine components and parts for TopLine Automotive and HyLift-Johnson.



Jac Shiva Wilson, VP Product Development TopLine Enterprises
Shiva Wilson, VP Product Development; graduate of Florida Eastern State College with a degree in Automotive Engineering Technologies with more than 15 years experience in the automotive service industry. Shiva is a L-1 Master ASE Certified Automotive Technician, Certified Medium & Heavy Truck Technician, Certified Master Engine Machinist/Cylinder Head Specialist and is a Toyota Master Certified Diagnostic Technician. Shiva has extensive experience in the automotive service sector with companies like S.E. Toyota. He is proficient in product design, development, engine control and management systems, thermodynamics and gas chromatography with an in-depth understanding of physics and chemistry related to R/ICE combustion theory. Shiva is a Board Member of TopLine Energy Systems with more than 2 years experience in cold-plasma technology and plasma assisted C/POx.


Adam A Gentile Director of Research and Technical Development TopLine Enterprises
Adam A. Gentile, Director of Research and Technical Development; Adam graduated from the University of South Florida and holds a BS in Chemical Engineering and a Masters degree in Biomedical Engineering. He has been involved in plasma physics and cold-plasma technology for the past 2 years and has served as lead research analyst in several continuous-run operations of the PRISM Plasma Systems and Synthetic Fuel production using Fischer-Tropsch technology at TopLine Energy.




Name, TitleJames Brenner, PhD, Director – Chemical Engineering; is a member of the Chemical Engineering faculty at Florida Tech. Dr. Brenner has worked in the areas of H2 storage, purification, and sensing using metal hydride thin films on porous stainless steel (PSS) supports and templated porous carbon (TPC)/PSS composite supports. These projects, along with his development of TPC’s for fuel cell gas diffusion layers, are enabling technologies toward his vision of a H2-driven airplane. Dr. Brenner has performed research projects on bio-diagnostic chips, electronic noses, metallic nanoparticles, and polymer foams for the space shuttle’s external tanks, pillared clays and molybdenum sulfides, and characterization of and catalyst development for upgrading of coal, heavy oil, and lignin feedstocks. Prof. Brenner teaches courses in petroleum refining, process flow sheet development, nanotechnology, materials characterization, materials science and engineering, and data analysis. He has won two college-wide and three university-wide teaching awards and was named Outstanding Professor of the Year for Florida Tech in 2006.


Name, Title
Peter Barile, PhD, Director – Environmental Engineering; is a native of Melbourne, Florida and has a Ph.D. in Environmental Sciences from Florida Tech. His dissertation focused on the biogeochemical linkages supporting harmful blooms of algae on coral reefs and associated ecosystems in the Florida Keys, and the Bahamas. During his tenure as a Post Doctoral Fellow at Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institution in Ft. Pierce, FL, he contributed to research supporting a revision of the Everglades Restoration Plan (CERP) as it affects Florida Bay and the Florida Keys Reef Tract; a former NOAA-sponsored Knauss Marine Science Policy Fellow in Washington D.C., where he was active in the development of interagency federal initiatives on Marine Biodiversity; Harmful Algae Blooms (HABs), and the International Coral Reef Initiative, was endorsed and signed off on by Vice President Al Gore in 1994. While a fellow at the National Science Foundation, Peter was involved in the development of the federal ECOHAB program, and has since been supported by federal and state funded research projects here in the state of Florida over the past decade. His research addresses the relationship of natural and human- sourced nutrients, such as fertilizers and sewage, to harmful blooms of algae and impacts of HABs on coastal water bodies. He is presently a senior scientist with Marine Research & Consulting, Inc. in Melbourne, FL. His research focus is on identification and mitigation of human pollution sources, either through technological, sociological, and political solutions. Specifically, he has been a technical consultant and advisor on several efforts to convert waste streams and living biomass to Biofuels. Peter has also been active in statewide policy initiatives on the linkages of nutrient pollution to water quality decline and algal blooms in Florida ecosystems, and was appointed as a member of the Florida Senate’s Consumer Fertilizer Task Force


Name, Title
Shinobu Doi, PhD, Director-Systems Engineering; is from Nara on the southern end of Honshu Japan. He spent most of his formative years in England and has traveled extensively throughout Europe and Asia. He holds a BS/MS in Computer Engineering and a PhD in Electrical Engineering and was a Professor at Florida Tech. Dr. Doi has been involved in many research and development projects at the university level; including hydrogen sensor research at NASA, fiber-optic sensors, neural networks and multiprocessor computers, as well as inventor of LED rechargeable dental curing systems. Dr. Doi has held upper management positions in several corporations and has initiated global marketing, manufacturing and distribution for several commercial products. Currently, Dr. Doi is the Senior Program Manager for a multinational satellite global positioning corporation and is responsible for designing automotive OEM onboard Global Positioning Systems (GPS). His vision is to fuse the dynamic, creative thinking processes abundant in America and classic, principled conservatism of the Old World, with the Japanese quality of being meticulous which can be integrated to constantly improve and economize technology into one engineering science where people worldwide can all benefit.


Name, Title
John Sessa, Electro-Mechanical Engineering Consultant; John has more than 30 years of engineering experience as a US Navy Technician, engineer, Project Manager, Administrator, and CEO. He has founded and operated several small businesses in his career. John has executive experience with full profit and loss responsibility, financing, human resources, supply chain management as well as administration. John wrote, and was awarded contracts from several Federal agencies, developed markets and wrote and submitted unsolicited proposals which were funded. John’s corporate experience includes Program Manager and Project Engineer at DBA Systems, and Manufacturing Engineering Manager at JDS Uniphase.




Whitney Rieks Chemical Engineering Consultant
Whitney Rieks, Chemical Engineering Consultant; Originally from Iowa, Whitney holds a B.S. and Master degree in Chemical Engineering from Florida Institute of Technology. Whitney has extensive experience in all phases of applied chemistry and related engineering studies and has been working with TopLine Energy as chemical and systems consultant for over five years. Whitney possesses outstanding clarity of vision for PRISM™ Systems and applications and deployment opportunities. She currently works as a Field Service Engineer and Analyst for Baker-Hughes in Louisiana.





Walter Manning Field Services Engineer TopLine Energy Systems
Walter Manning, Field Engineering Services Consultant; 20+ years facilities engineering design and project management experience with major US Oil & Gas operating companies and EPC firms in Norway, Australia and Indonesia. Responsible for development of process PFD, P&ID drawings, equipment specs, datasheets and detail design of oil and gas separation, treatment facilities, turbine gas compression re-staging & optimization, piping, instrumentation, metering, custody transfer, pipelines, FPSO of offshore & onshore oil & gas production & NGL plant facilities to meet relevant ASME, ASTM & API codes. Supervision and project management of fabrication, installation, hook-up, commissioning and start-up of production platforms, pipelines, pumps, process equipment, generation and gas turbine compression modules, FPSO and subsea facilities. Walter has working knowledge of all facets of Project Risk Analysis, ISO 9000 certification, critical path analysis, scheduling and project progress monitoring, safety, HAZID, HAZOP, HSSE procedures, audits and ASTM compliance. Walter holds a Masters degree in Mechanical Engineering and a BS in Oceanographic Engineering.

TopLine Transport
Chet’s 1967 Lincoln Continental Coupe:
462 cu in (7.6L) 90° V8 / OHV (2 valves/cylinder)
Bore x Stroke: 4.38 in x 3.93 in (111.2mm x 97.30mm)
Fuel System: Single 750 cfm Holly Carburetor
Power: 340 bhp (253.5kW) @ 4600 rpm
Torque: 485 ft lbs (657 Nm) @ 2800 rpm
Transmission: 3spd Turbo-Drive Automatic
Manufactured by Ford Motor Corporation, Dearborn, MI
Vehicle is a “One-Owner” Miles: 438,000 and counting… This is one of 2 of Chet’s favorites and can pass anything but a gas station, one of the many reasons TopLine embraced alternative energies.