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TopLine Energy teams with FREE to manufacture advanced Municipal Solid Waste processing systems


Topline Energy Systems (TES), a precision advanced technology manufacturer based in Brooksville Florida, is expanding its operations to include manufacturing an industry leading, municipal waste processing system. Topline will be manufacturing the Future Renewable Energy Enterprise (FREE) proven waste separation and processing technology, which provides an energy efficient conversion of the waste stream into recyclable products and an alternative renewable fuel used in a variety of industries including power generation, cement kilns and the production of synthetic diesel and gasoline.

Topline Energy Systems President and CEO Chet Staron stated: “More and more Cities, Counties and Countries are waking up to the fact that the technology exists today that can use what we have been hauling to the landfills and reform this material into valuable fuels. This technology has been proven for 25 years, it separates and sorts MSW to remove the Recyclable material and inert material and produces a clean, germ free, odor free fuel that has been used in Florida by energy companies that currently rely on coal as a fuel source.”

“As coal emissions laws tighten, large local companies are looking for cleaner, greener fuel options. FREE can take a counties waste stream and produce an alternative renewable fuel, superior to Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF) called Process Derived Fuel (PDF) for less than what a county normally pays to bury it in the landfill. The FREE system can keep 90% of the waste out of the landfill and help the host county lead the state in Florida’s 75% landfill diversion goal” said Nat Mundy, Sr. Vice President Topline Energy Systems.

Manufacturing of the FREE MSW system will be done in Brooksville, Hernando County at the Topline Energy Systems 240,000 sq. ft. precision advanced technology­manufacturing facility. “The Local manufacturing of the separation equipment will create clean­tech jobs for skilled and unskilled labor,” said Mike Wirthman, Vice President of Operations Topline Energy Systems. “We are excited about the positive impact this will have for Hernando County”.

“This advancement in MSW processing builds upon a technology TES licensed from MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) called a Cold Plasma Fuel Reformer, also known as the PRISM” said Shiva Wilson, Vice President of Product Development Topline Energy Systems. ”The Prism systems converts the producer gases’ tars and impurities into hydrogen rich synthesis gas that is a necessary chemical feedstock for numerous energy products, from olefins (used to make plastics) to synthetic gasoline, low cost methanol, diesel and jet fuel. The Prism technology replaces Steam Methane Reformation allowing for cost competitive, small scale, modular gas to liquid (GTL) systems.”

Dr. Dennis Wilfong, a prominent Brooksville businessman said, “It takes a lot of energy to make the materials we are throwing away, countries around the world currently recycle that energy, The United States seems to finally realize that we cannot sustain the wasteful way that we are living. Topline Energy Systems announcement today is great news for Hernando County and the US.”

TopLine Energy Systems, LLC (TES) is a leading edge, high technology research, development, engineering and manufacturing company parented by TopLine Automotive Engineering, Inc., a 40­year old multinational automotive engine parts and components manufacture and distributor. TES purpose is to provide unparalleled ‘next-­generation’ energy systems and solutions for distributed power, emission reduction and Synthetic Fuel production and to seek new ways to make energy, more ef iciently and at greater economies, in order to make the world measurably better.#####

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