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PRISM™ Plasma technology is based on the process known as Plasma Assisted Catalytic Partial Oxidation – a technology which has been under development for more than 30 years. The PRISM Plasma Reformer represents the culmination of that technology and is a unique, patented gas clean up and reformation system which utilizes high voltage / low amperage plasma to ionize and break apart fuels and carbonaceous molecules into their elemental state. The plasma is then exposed to a proprietary fixed bed catalyst which instantaneously reforms the plasma into ultra-clean, real Synthesis Gas (Syngas).


PRISM Plasma is the most efficient and economical system available to produce Syngas


When PRISM Plasma reforms fuels and carbonaceous matter into Syngas, an exothermic reaction is created. The heat generated by this reaction can be utilized in many ways including CHP (combined heat & power) processes.

TopLine Energy Systems Prism Plasma – plasma ionization field
Prism Plasma – plasma ionization field


PRISM Plasma has a very small geographic footprint, is robust, rugged in design and reliable. It is ideal for small to medium scale Biogas/Biofuel distributed generation systems or refineries and because PRISM is scalable, it can be easily integrated with existing processes.

H2: 34%
CO: 17%
CO2: 1%
CH4: >0.5%
N2: 47.5%

Typical Gas Chromatograph results from reforming Methane with PRISM


The advent of PRISM Plasma makes gasification, pyrolysis and anaerobic digestion of biomass viable and energy positive; PRISM has been proven to successfully reform tars, soot, VOCs and aromatic hydrocarbons at high efficiencies. In some instances, PRISM Plasma has been effective in dry reforming of Carbon Dioxide (CO2). The self-renewing, self-cleaning catalyst contained in the PRISM Plasma Reactor makes continuous operations possible without costly maintenance. Gasification of available feedstocks, from grass clippings to old bedding, from waste ship’s bilge sludge to unburned coal-ash, from sewage to paper and plastics – any carbonaceous waste can be gasified and the dirty producer gas from such gasification is reformed into Syngas. PRISM™ uses these waste products to make ultra-clean synthesis gas (Syngas) through electrical discharge plasma. PRISM’s™ proprietary process is highly energy efficient and requires only small amounts of electricity to make Syngas.

PRISM Plasma requires very little energy to operate

Unlike hot-plasma, which require enormous energy inputs, PRISM™ uses cold-plasma technology and needs only milliamps to break apart the various fuels and carbonaceous molecular bonds existing in vaporized or gasified feedstocks. Once plasma is formed, it then passes across a self-renewing, self-regenerating catalyst bed instantaneously forming Syngas. PRISM does not require water to operate nor does it require large amounts of energy to heat a catalyst bed.


TopLine Energy Systems Diagram of the Prism Plasma Reformer

Diagram of the Prism Plasma Reformer


Once Syngas is formed, many things are possible.

Syngas is the precursor to many processes. It is the most important industrial gas known and is used in many petrochemical processes to produce synthetic chemicals, fuels, lubricants, fertilizers, acetic acid and plastics. Electricity can be produced using the clean, hydrogen-rich gas as fuel for gas generators. Methanol can be produced using commercial ready Fischer-Tropsch Systems, as can other high value chemical compounds. The ability to make Urea (fertilizer) in a carbon-neutral manner is now achievable thus reducing nitrogen and carbon dioxide and vastly reducing fertilizer runoff and water pollution. Also, since PRISM™ Plasma Systems yield an ultra-clean Syngas, liquid fuels like gasoline, diesel and jet fuels can be produced from waste…easily, efficiently and in an environmentally friendly manner.

PRISM™ is the answer to gas cleanup, emission reduction and “Waste to Energy”.

TopLine Energy Systems Prism Plasma Gen 4.0 Reformer
Prism Plasma Gen 4.0 Reformer