PRISM™ Waste to Energy Solutions PRISM™ “Waste to Energy” Solutions

Biodiesel waste Glycerol? Municipal Solid Waste? Coal Gasification? Think PRISM™ Technologies.

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PRISM™ technology provides clean, efficient, next-generation solutions for all carbonaceous waste.

Prepared for today TopLine Energy Systems focuses on making the Earth a cleaner, greener place using cold plasma reformation.

TopLine Energy Systems RecycleRenewable “Waste to Energy” processes are now viable and economically feaslble with PRISM™ Plasma Systems


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H2 + C0

Hydrogen is the most abundant element in the universe, but rarely present in its elemental state. It is normally bonded with other elements to form much of what makes up our environment. PRISM™ Plasma Technology has the ability to unlock these bonds to free up the available hydrogen contained within each of the molecules to produce a hydrogen rich, ultra-clean synthesis gas (Syngas) from any carbon-hydrogen material, instantaneously, using very little energy. Syngas made from the reformation of carbon-hydrogen compounds or carbonaceous waste contains no additional CO2 and is considered a “Carbon Neutral” process. The secret to energy reformation rests in the ability to break down energy-storing molecules into their individual elemental states and transform them into new useable forms. The PRISM™ Plasma Reactor process breaks down these molecular chains into their individual elemental form.
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SulfArc® is a variation of PRISM™ which has been appropriately adapted to accommodate high levels of impurities

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TopLine Energy SystemsChanging the Future TopLine Energy Systems has the solution for “Waste to Energy” using Plasma Physics to unlock stored energy contained in carbonaceous waste.

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Energy Conservation

TopLine Energy SystemsUnique to PRISM™ Systems is its Plasma Reactor, which functions to completely ionize and demolecularize gasified carbonaceous compounds utilizing Toroidal Plasma flow. The swirling plasma allows the use of very low energy input to initiate the plasma environment. Once equilibrium is achieved, the plasma becomes self-sustaining and exothermic (heat emitting). Energy released during demolecularization and reformation is easily captured for BTU value to run many processes, which up to now required outside supplied electricity to generate. With PRISM™, the energy can be generated internally without reliance on utility supplied power. And, when the feedstock is a Renewable Resource, the energy (and Syngas) produced by the PRISM™ System is also considered Renewable and Carbon Neutral.

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Long standing research on what works best for today’s waste problems and providing solutions for Renewable Energy Resources.

The Age of Cleantech and Biotech

The 6th Technology Revolution is here; the Age of Cleantech and Biotech. Advancements in all scientific fields have taken quantum leaps over the past fifty years and now mankind focuses on the fundamental issue of life-sustaining renewable energy. PRISM™ heralds the dawn of this Age.

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