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Thirty-five years of experience in automotive, industrial and truck engine parts manufacturing gives TopLine an edge few corporations have. At TopLine, quality control is second nature; holding tolerances of millionths of an inch is standard operating procedure and innovations in production, logistics and engineering has made TopLine the standard others are measured by.


For many years, the transportation industry has relied on TopLine quality and consistent attention to detail in high volume production machining of exotic metal forging and investment castings to manufacture key engine components for the automotive OEM and aftermarket; difficult to achieve by most, but always maintained by TopLine.


Global demand and the urgency for real technology and solutions for the Renewable and ‘Waste to Energy” market sector has caused TopLine to bring its expertise and know how to bear on this important task. A reputation for “Getting the Job Done” is what TopLine has embraced for nearly four decades and brings forward advent, game-changing systems that WORK!


TopLine Energy’s new 300 thousand sq ft production, testing and manufacturing facility is unlike any other facility of its kind in the world. It was built with the intention of manufacturing next-generation Distributed and Renewable Energy Systems and is the Licensed Manufacture for PRISM™ Plasma Systems, ComPlate™ Fischer-Tropsch Synthetic Fuel Systems and TopLine Turbine Gas Turbine Generators.


Production centers bristle with 5, 6, 7 and 8 axis CNC milling centers run by highly trained and seasoned professionals who have a comprehensive understanding of the end result and what it takes to go from a solid block of forged alloy to a finished shaft, plasma head or turbine rotor. Vertical and horizontal machining centers abound and every configuration of drill, grinder and press necessary to achieve specific micro-inch finishes or assembly are on hand. Optical Comparators, Magnaflux and Digital Imaging are used extensively to insure TQM and production of finished goods receive inspection for fit, finish and tolerance.


TopLine remains mindful of its goal to produce and deploy only the most efficient and economically viable solutions of next-generation Renewable Energy Systems for Municipal, Sewage, Agricultural and Livestock/Poultry Waste Sectors and offers complete gasification or anaerobic digestion solutions for any waste stream using PRISM™ Technology to reform and convert valorized carbonaceous matter, Town Gas, Producer Gas or dirty Methane into ultra-clean, real synthesis gas (Syngas).

The Hydrogen rich Syngas is used as:

  1. Fuel for TopLine/CentriGen™ Gas Turbines to produce electricity or,
  2. Feedstock for proprietary “Compact Plate” Fischer-Tropsch Reactors to make synthetic fuels (Synfuels) or high value chemicals.
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Whether it’s generating electricity or producing ultra-clean synthetic fuels from waste, TopLine Energy Systems responds.

The future’s energy solutions…TODAY!